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Winx is a unconfirmed transformation name. It is the lowest and the main transformation by all fairies. The transformation was used in Season 1, Season 2, and a half of Season 3.


In the RAI dub, it is the name of the Winx Club Bloom created. However, at the end of the first season, Faragonda adds the word, "Winx" to the vocabulary of Fairies and of the the Magic Dimension and make it as the definition of a Modern Fairy.


In the 4kids, Winx is a magical energy power. A fairy draws their Winx from their magical source of their power. For instance, Flora draws her Winx from flowers and trees and Musa from music.


In the Nickelodeon dub, the transformation was renamed as "Magic Winx Charmix" and the transformation sequences of each fairy are re-animated. However, at Season 3, the transformation returned to Rai's Magic Winx.


The transformation outfits consists of chokers (like Bloom, Flora, and Musa), mini-skirts (like Bloom and Aisha), mini-shorts (like Stella), and dresses (like Musa and Flora). They also wear ankle boots and knee-high boots. Most of them reveal much of their bodies, except for Tecna whose outfit mostly cover her. 

They also wear head accessories. Stella's is tied into pigtails and a headband, Musa's is the same - tied, and Tecna having a triangular-shaped helmet.