Undines or Water Nymphs are small magical creatures living in the Black Mud Swamp.
Water nymphs 2

They live in a miniature town of bubbles, found in the Swamp which they make using a plant called Zilith.


Season 1

Another water nymph

A Water Nymph.

In The Monster and the Willow, the Winx accidentally meets them. The Queen of the Undines told them that they are living in bubbles, which is found in the swamp which they make using a plant called Zilith. And that, the Zilith plant can only be found in the center of the swamp.


They look like mini-mermaids with transparent flaps of skin underneath their arms which allows them to fly, but they have no real wings. Their body color is mostly bluish and purplish in color except for Luzis and Algae.

Magical Abilities

  • The Water Nymphs do not have real wings, instead, they have transparent flaps of skin which allows them to fly.
  • They seem to have nature-based powers and to be very in touch with nature for the following reasons.


  • Undines are found in European folklore as fairy-like spirits and in alchemy works as water elementals.