Red Fountain is paramilitary boarding school for Specialists. It is run by Saladin. It is located across Lake Roccaluce from both Cloud Tower and Alfea.

The students were a uniform consisting of blue and white suit and a blue cape. The cape is attached to a jewel worn on the left breast.


Season 1

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Season 2

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The new Red Fountain.

In Party Crasher, everyone was invited for a ceremony for the introduction of the new Red Fountain. It is now a floating tower. During the opening tournament, Darkar sent the Trix to locate the school's Codex. When the Trix's cover were blown, the teachers and the guards unknowingly led the Trix to the where the Codex was kept. However, they were too many, and so, the Trix left without the Codex.
Red Fountain's Codex

Red Fountain's Codex

In The Crypt of the Codex, the Trix attacked Red Fountain by a dark sphere as their cover while they hed off and find the Codex. They managed to defeat Flora, Bloom, Tecna, and the half of the Specialists. Before they get the Codex, the Trix must pass the test in which Icy solved.