Mirta E114-5

Voiced by
Amy Pallant (4Kids)
Gaia Bolognesi (Original)
Natalie Lander (Nickelodeon)
Unknown (possibly 16)
Alfea, Cloud Tower
Magical Abilities
First Appearance
Lucy (childhood friend)
Mirta is a witch at Cloud Tower before but now studies at Alfea and is a fairy.


Mirta is a sweet and shy girl who would rather have fairies and witches all get along. Her personality is similar to Flora's, with a good head on her shoulders. At Cloud Tower, Mirta was not fitting in with the witches, though she was nice to everyone there.

Mirta gives friendship a great value and her friendship seems to be contagious because Amaryl seems to be more friendly to the Winx since they know her as seen in one episode when Griffin calls her to introduce her evil spell, she introduces a friendship spell instead which makes the whole class laugh at her.

Her closest friends are LucyFlora, Amaryl and Kimmy. She doesn't have a pixie nor a love interest.


Season 1

Because of interferring in the Trix's business, she was turned into a pumpkin by Icy half of the first season. Flora keeps her at her room until she has found a way to bring her back to normal. At the end of the season, Flora succesfully transforms her back to her normal form.


  • Her name has Spanish and Greek origin that means "crown of thorns".
  • She is the only student in Cloud Tower that does not have a letter "y" ending in her name.
  • Her and Lucy's friendship is similar to Faragonda and Griffin's.