A Disloyal Adversary
A Disloyal Adversary
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Production Code308
RAI TitleA Disloyal Adversary
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A Disloyal Adversary is the sixtieth episode of the Winx Club series and the eight episode of the third season.


The Winx and the other specialists goes to Eraklyon for its 1000th annniversary. Unfortunately, the party ends in chaos as Sky and his father ordered to capture the girls.


While on their way to Eraklyon, Bloom having a nightmare, dreams about her friends teasing her that she's not going to get her Enchantix and become a true fairy. She wakes up, telling Aisha she had a nightmare. Stella thought that she maybe just nervous to see the King and Queen of Eraklyon. 

Sky heads off thinking that his parents may be calling him right now. The rest didn't know where to go, but for Stella her plans were to dress in her evening gown and dance. The girls, then, were dressed in their Eraklyon formals. 

Rulers of Romulea

Romulea's rulers.

At the party, the announcer announces the rulers of Romulea, of Solaria, and finally of Eraklyon. Sky walks to Bloom asking her to a dance. After a short time, Sky
Diaspro and Sky having a toast

Diaspro and Sky having a toast.

goes off to his parents and make the announcement. However, Diaspro called him for a toast. And now, Sky was in the spell Valtor gave to Diaspro. Sky goes to his father to ask if he may now make the announcement. In the end of the announcement, Sky introduces Diaspro as his loved one. Once the Winx were getting near to them, Diaspro tells Sky that they are witches and are up to get her. So then, Sky and his father orders to stop them.

The Winx runs of the a labyrinth followed by the soldiers. Fortunately, Flora managed to block the soldiers' way. At the end of the labyrinth, they are confronted by Sky and other soldiers. While heading back to the shuttle, Flora was hit by one of the dragons. Bloom, Musa, Tecna, Stella and Aisha distracts the other dragons to lead them out of the shuttle. While, Bloom and Sky have a fight.

Stella Enchantix
Once the Winx thought that it was over, Radius was left and the dragon trying to attack him. Stella used up all her power to save her father. Thus, earning her Enchantix. And so, the Winx leaves Eraklyon

Major EventsEdit

  • The Winx and the other Specialists heads to Eraklyon for its 1000th anniversary.
  • Eraklyon celebrates its 1000th anniversary. 
  • Sky fells into Valtor's spell.



  • Diaspro and Sky having a toast
    If you look closely at the photo on the left, underneath is Diaspro's leg. However, it is colored just like her outfit. It is unknown if this may be socks or her leg.